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Specialized in Real Estate on the Pacific Coast of Panama.

Houses, apartments, lots, farms, businesses.

Serving beach, country and mountain areas from Veracruz, Gorgona, Coronado, Santa Clara, Farallón and Rio Hato. C

aribbean Coast of Colon, Sora, Altos del Maria, Valle de Antón, Penonomé, Boquete, Volcán and David.

Covering the entire national territory.

Cell / whatsapp: +507 64241397



Angelica is a Real Estate agent who actively works in the sale, purchase and rental of properties along the Panamanian Pacific coast and beyond when her clients have any requirements outside this area, so that she can cover all the national territory, relying on other agents of United Country Panama Coastal to meet the needs of her customers.

Born in a Latin American country with a European education since her parents are Spanish and German immigrants, she handles Spanish as her mother language and is fluent in English which allows her to communicate with clients of all nationalities. Angelica has lived in Panama for many years and this is definitely the country to stay and consolidate a quiet and productive life.

Her university studies led her to become a Bachelor of Education and Graphic Designer and passionate professional in business administration. Working in sales and real estate for years gives Angelica the tools to make customer service an effective and proactive way of understanding and meeting the needs of her clients. Always in the field of sales, it has developed her career attending to and understanding the requirements of her clients.

More than selling ... is attending.

In this way, Angelica capitalizes all the knowledge to help others find their home, their business or their investment in this beautiful country that they decided to take as their homeland and make it their own ... Panama!

Panadize is its trademark for Angelica Torres Kasin, a real estate agent with United Country Panama Coastal, a Panamanian Real Estate company with more than 10 years of experience in the market and a franchise of United Country Real Estate - USA, from which it feels so proud to belong.


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